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If you have any kind of electrical problem that requires the professional expertise of a residential electrician, Loveland Home Solutions LLC is the company for you. Located in the territory of St Charles, MO, we have been providing our high quality service for clients in the area, since 1972. For all these years we have been the preferable choice for an electrical contractor and we continue to aim for that.

Electricity is a very specific field that is potentially dangerous for anyone who does not know what is he dealing with. That is why no ordinary person should try and repair anything that is connected with it. We advise you to turn to us to be your residential electrician and allow us to solve all of your problems. Our professional employees are highly qualified to handle all kinds of tricky situations with your electrical grid and appliances.

electricianOur company offers its electrical service for any of your residential needs connected with electricity. Our services are affordable and you can always rely on our qualified professionals to service you in a professional and timely manner. We will handle with ease, everything from a switches installation to an electrical home inspection, installation and repairs.

Make sure your electrical system is handled by professionals and hire Loveland Home Solutions LLC. That way you will be certain that your problems with electricity are handled by highly qualified technicians who know exactly what they are doing. Do not take risks with an inexperienced electrical contractor, choose the preferable company! Join our long list of happy customers and you will never again be disappointed with the condition of your electrical grid.

Whether you need an electrical repair service or a residential electrician to take care of your problems with electricity, Loveland Home Solutions LLC is at your service. If you are in the territory of St Charles, MO, we are the rational choice for you.

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