Electrical repair service of high standarts!

It is not a rare occurrence to have something that works with electricity break down. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, make sure you are picking a reliable electrical contractor and choose Loveland Home Solutions LLC. We are a company located in the region of St Charles, MO, that will provide you with an exceptional electrical repair service.

Construction Contractor Carpenter Electrician Installing Light SwitchOur company has been offering it’s services to customers in the area since 1972. Our employees are highly qualified and experienced to provide you with a service that is second to no other in the region. If anything that works with electricity needs repairing, we will handle it with ease. Our service gives durable results regardless of whether we have to fix your switches, or a complex issue that caused an electrical breakdown.

We provide an electrical repair service that comes at competitive rates and is quite affordable. We also offer a 10% discount for seniors and military. The affordability of our service is not connected with it’s reliability. Our experienced technicians work with a top grade equipment and you can rest assured that you will be serviced in a professional and timely manner.

Unlike other companies in the region, we provide a service that is reliable. Our employees always get the job done the first time and you will always be satisfied with the results. That is what makes us the preferable choice for a residential electrician in the area. If you need an electrical device repaired, contact us and see for yourself! No job is too small for us and we will always service you with pleasure.

If you are located in the region of St Charles, MO and need electrical repair services, Loveland Home Solutions LLC is the company that will provide them for you. We work in a professional and timely manner for your ultimate satisfaction.

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